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I am a faithful Catholic and I am proudly anti-abortion. My website therefore has two main goals, plus a third related goal: 

•First, to present the truth of the Holy Catholic Church.  

•Second, to present the truth about abortion. 

•Third, to share my personal views on today’s society.  

Before you explore further, please let me give you some simple framework for the site, first on the Church, second on abortion, and third on my personal views. 

First, the Catholic Church teaches that is the one and only church that Jesus Christ started, and that only it contains the fullness of God’s truth. This teaching is either true or not true - it cannot be both - and we are all forced to decide for ourselves. You see, truth nevercontradicts truth, regardless whose feelings get hurt or what someone might wish or hope or want the truth to be. If the Catholic Church’s teaching is true, then everyone in the world should be Catholic. If the Catholic Church’s teaching is not true, then nobody should be Catholic.  

Second, the truth about abortion is: it is wrong, it always has been wrong, and it always will be wrong. Period. No exceptions, no “what ifs,” no nothing.  There are many reasons for this: some scientific, some faith-based, some logical, some legal, and some just are. (CLICK HERE if you don’t already know the reason I am anti-abortion.) 

Third, my take on things in society (presented mainly on the Truth Blog) is, well, just that - my take on things. It may be an observation on a current event, a joke, or an editorial comment on a something that interests me. It may be humorous, or it may be serious.  It is all just my opinion. If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, tough luck - lighten up.

As for everything here generally, I was born at night, but not last night. I recognize that not everyone agrees with me. I have therefore adopted a strategy a friend once shared with me: “I am in sales, not management.” You see, I don’t and can’t tell anyone what to believe or how to act. That’s up to you. My goal is simply to present the truth of the Catholic Church and abortion and then let you decide what to do in response. Please know that I do not claim to be perfect, or to know everything. I am just an ordinary guy who loves the Lord, all of the Lord’s creations, and the one true Church that the Lord created.

So, if your mind is made up and open, please keep reading. But, if your mind is made up and closed, then, well, perhaps some therapy might help.  What it comes down to is, for those with faith, no proof is needed, and for those without faith, no proof is enough. So, if you don’t care about the truth, don’t like the truth, don’t think the truth matters, or just plain can’t handle the truth, you might wish to visit another website.

Finally, please knw that I am always happy to hear your comments, or to debate anything here with anyone.  But, there is one condition: You must be cordial, civilized, and polite. Regrettably, I have found that many in the anti-Catholic and pro-abortion worlds are militant, and cannot complete a sentence without cursing, making personal attacks, or just being mean. I conclude that they are intellectually challenged, unable to defend their position coherently, or perhaps just suffering from hurt about something (a past abortion maybe???). I conclude this because of something Whitaker Chambers (I think) said, “People don’t get mad when you tell lies about them, they get mad when you tell the truth.”


Please enjoy this website, and know that YOUR COMMENTS are always welcomed. God bless you!