Chris Aubert

The Abortion Challenge



The world is full of women who proudly and publicly waive their “I Regret My Abortion” signs.  I respect these women on many levels, not the least of which is their public witness to a very sad and troubling event in their lives.

I have always wondered, however, if the reverse is true.  Are there any women out there who, after proper reflection and consideration, do NOT regret their abortions?  Yes, I know that there is a lot of anecdotal and anonymous information out there, but I’m not sure how much I believe when it’s all presented generically or anonymously.  

For example, there are several websites that purports to be places “where women can share their positive experiences with abortion.”  I reviewed some of these sites and, as usual, found all the stories to be anonymous.  Further, here are some quotes from four of the first five stories on one site: “This is the day [today] I had an abortion”; “I had an abortion this week”; “I had an abortion 3 years ago"; and “I had my abortion on June 8th, 2007.”  This is interesting, but not relevant to my point, because I don’t think that one day, three months, or even three years is sufficient time for proper and considered reflection.  

Therefore, I issue this challenge:  I will pay $1,000 to the charity of choice of anyone who can present to me one - just one - women who meets all the following criteria:

1.  Has a documented or otherwise provable abortion at least 10 years ago;

2.  After at least 10 years, still claims at least one of the following things:

• They are “thrilled” that they had the abortion and would easily, happily, and quickly do it again; or

• They are “delighted” that they had the abortion and would easily, happily, and quickly do it again; or

• Having the abortion was “one of the best things they ever did” and they would easily, happily, and quickly do it again; 

3.  They would emphatically and enthusiastically encourage their own daughter to have an abortion today, gladly drive their daughter to an abortion clinic for an abortion, and happily pay for the abortion; and

4. They will voluntarily make a public videotape testimony with all the above statements, and including full and accurate identification and contact information so viewers of the videotape can contact them for more information.

The point of this challenge should be obvious.  There are thousands, perhaps even millions, of women who publicly and proudly proclaim that their abortions were the worst thing they ever did, who will stop at nothing to prevent their daughters from having abortions for any reason, and who will gladly work tirelessly to end all abortions.  

If the pro-abortion crowd truly believes that abortion is good – truly and honestly and shamelessly believes it – then getting just one woman – let alone hundreds or thousands – to make the point should be easy.  

So, is it easy?  $1,000 says it is not.  Come on, prove me wrong... Take my money....