Chris Aubert




This website and my public speaking ministry exist because I think that the whole world should be Catholic.  I think this for one simple reason: Catholicism is true.  If you learn Catholicism from a Catholic, not a Protestant, you will believe it, too.

I never tell anyone what to think or believe. I am in sales, not management. I just want people to know what the Church teaches, and why.  If you disagree with the Church and its teachings, it is fine with me. But, please disagree with what the Church really teaches, not what you mistakenly think it teaches. 

I am not a theologian, a canon lawyer, or any kind of genius. I am just a normal guy who has done a pretty good amount of study into and about the Catholic Church.  I love the Church and want to share the truth with everyone.  You see, if the Catholic Church is, in fact, true, everyone should be Catholic.  

I do about 25 speaking engagements each year, all over the country. The topics include all pro-life issues, fatherhood and mens’ issues, and general Catholic apologetics.  I am available to speak to your group, and would be honored to do so.  You may contact me by CLICKING HERE.

Here are some testimonials:

•Chris Aubert’s speaking talents are a gift to the Church.  His inspiring lecture to our organization was the highlight of the year and will be talked about for months to come.  His amazing conversion story provided credible evidence from his own life experience to support his basic message: As Catholics, need to learn why we believe what we believe!"  This is critical for our parish catechetical programs and Catholic universities because we are living at a time when our Catholic Faith is being challenged in a world adrift in a sea of relativism and subjectivism.  The importance of being able to articulate your faith meets St. Paul's challenge for us: ‘... give reasons for the hope that is in you.’  Chris Aubert has inspired all of us to do just that. Thank you Chris!  RM

•You were outstanding! Your message is so important – we could have heard a pin drop during your talk it was so quiet – you were wonderful!  MK

•WOW! The Catholic Church needs more people like Chris Aubert. Please get him back soon!  JD

•Why haven’t I heard any of this before?  I am stunned at what I didn’t know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  LS

•It’s inspiring to hear a man humble enough to speak publicly about his past decisions and face them like a real man.  SB

•Thank you so much for all you do educating and strengthening our Catholic faith. You truly are a blessing!”  MA

•Thank you so much Chris. You have been so helpful in my path to the Catholic Church, and I cannot thank you enough!  BS

•THANK YOU!!!!! God bless you in all your efforts and may the Holy Spirit guide you...  GM

•You are a modern day hero for our faith, Chris.  Keep fightin’ the good fight.   BP

•WOW - what a great talk!!  JT

•Thanks for sharing your testimony - it will DEFINITELY benefit our whole group at Church.  I wish you would write a book!  JT

•Your talk at the conference was BRILLIANT!  PM