Chris Aubert




You’re against contraception? Sheesh, get with it - that’s so sixties!

Here are some questions for you:  

        •Do you ever strive to do something that is intrinsically evil?

        •Is anything you can do better than God can do it?

        •If the divorce rate could be cut by 90%, would that be good?

        •Do you respect your spouse’s body? 

        •Do you encourage tenderness with your spouse?

        •What is the first command God ever gave? (Gen 1:28: “Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth…”)

What is my point?  The “elephant on the table” in the contraception debate is: just exactly what is happening when we contracept?

What does the Catholic Church say about artificial contraception?

What is the history of artificial contraception? 

Why does the Catholic Church teach what it teaches?

Humane Vita